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I AM Unique

I was always big on "common sense." "I got good common sense." "Why doesn't this person have good common sense?" "Damn, it's common sense!" We all have a sense of what we know common sense to be, but should "common sense" be common?

Although in life we may have similar experiences, we look at these experiences through different lenses. Common sense tells us to experience happiness the same, pain the same, fun the same, love the same........but should that be common????

Through the years of suffering depression and anxiety I was always told how I should handle my pain, how I should heal......the common way, counseling and medication. Majority of the 13 years that I struggled, I was off and on going to counseling and taking medication. Common sense would have me thinking that I would get better in no time, but common sense was wrong! I would often get frustrated and beat myself up more falling lower than I was before.

It was never common sense for people to say, "Love Yourself Derek," "Find what works for you." Common sense never led me to finding myself, knowing who I was. Common sense never told me I was Unique, that God made me Unique, that common sense isn't Unique!

I AM Unique! I have learned to Love myself. I have learned to tell myself, "I Love You Derek." I have learned that meditation gives me peace and helps me hear from God and my inner self. I have learned that affirmations give me confidence. I have learned that it's okay to be Unique. I have learned that common sense doesn't work because my sense's aren't common.

Through my growth I have learned that I should be patient with myself and others because we are all unique and experience life in our own unique way. My pain, my happy, my fun, my love will not look and feel the same as yours. Destroy your common sense and embrace your Uniqueness!

I AM Unique and so are YOU!


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