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I hesitated whether I would even address this situation due to the fact of the sensitive nature and how it affects my energy, but I decided otherwise. This blog post is inspired by the tragic killing of Nipsey Hussle.

Black Man we need to heal! The anger that was held towards Nipsey that fueled a Black Man to shoot him several times and before running off…..KICK HIM IN THE FACE……is an anger that is the cause behind many senseless killings of Black Men.

That anger you have for that Black Man is just a reflection of the anger you have for yourself. That lack of worth you have for another Black Man's life is just a reflection of the lack of self worth you have for yourself. The hood shows no real love Black Man because the Black Man in the hood has no self love.

I’m starting to see our communities as psychiatric wards. Black man you are depressed! Black man you need healing! We are in a continuous cycle of hate for ourselves. That anger, jealousy, envy, hate…….is a symptom of the depressed lives we are living. Men are taught to suppress their emotions, but when it comes to the Black Man, that suppression is x10. We all want to be seen and heard…..when you’re depressed it’s amplified. Everything we hate about ourselves, all the things we want and don’t have…we hate to see it in the next the Black Man.

Black Man wake up…..Black Man, I wish I could wake you up. Black Man I understand, I been there….Black Man I hope we can get there….Black Man, I say this….I love you because I finally love me.


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