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I AM Derek Silver

Yeah, that's him. Well at least it was him, back in 2013. Fast approaching his 32nd birthday, you would think this handsome guy was happy with a lot going for himself. A college degree, government contractor job of 8 years, new homeowner, etc. On the outside Derek looked happy, but inside not so much. Ever since the age of 13, he was battling depression and anxiety. Constantly feeling alone, even in the presence of others. Desperately trying to find his way, his purpose. They always say, "you are your toughest critic," well Derek badly beat himself up on a daily basis. He didn't believe he was worthy, worthy of love, happiness, etc. Always afraid to do things he had a passion for, afraid of taking chances, afraid of social settings, as his mother once said, "afraid of life." Often asking, "who am I," but telling himself, "I AM a loser," "I AM nothing," "I AM depressed," "I AM afraid," "I AM lost," "I AM dead inside." Well that was the end to a beginning.......

Hello! Allow me to reintroduce myself, I AM Derek Silver. This is me, 2016 at the tender age of 35 years old on the cusp of a new year. In love with myself and discovering so many new things about me. Yes, I said, "In love with myself." You're probably asking what changed from ages 13 through 32 to now???? Counseling? Medication? Meditation? The answer to all those questions is, YES!!! But wait, there's more. Counseling, medication, even meditation all played a role, but the ultimate weapon that helped me win the battle was discovering my Greatest I AM. I started to tell myself, "I AM Great," "I AM Happy," "I AM Strong," "I AM Worthy," and I believed it! I'm sure you would ask me, "It was that easy, Derek?" No, it wasn't, not at all. That's why I created this blog to share with other's what I went through and still go through to discover my Greatest I AM. Hopefully in the process I will inspire, encourage, and motivate you in discovering or further discover your Greatest I AM.

Thank you,

Derek Silver


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