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For a long time, movies have been my best friend, figuratively speaking, maybe literallly...hmm. I've always spent a lot of time by myself, whether I wanted to or not, from a kid until now, movies always kept me occupied. Movies have always been my getaway, where I would escape loneliness, sadness, and thoughts & feelings I didn't understand. On the other hand, movies also allowed me a way to feel and process certain thoughts & feelings in a negative or positive way. Either way, movies meant more to me than just entertainment. As I got older and matured, I notice I would always gravitate toward movies that had deeper meanings and played a part in my growth and understanding of if I was being spoken to.

Since I was a little boy, my all-time favorite movie has been The Last Dragon. I remember watching this movie on Betamax tape...yes, I'm telling my age lol. Till this day, I hear jokes about this being my favorite movie...I even remember in middle school and various moments of my life people saying I looked like the main character, Bruce Leroy lol. I don't know what made me gravitate towards this movie, maybe it was the martial arts, the music, or the fact Bruce Leroy seemed like a superhero and he was black. As I've matured and grown wiser, I believe this movie was meant for me in a lot of a guide, inspiration, lesson, motivation, reminder and also a mirror.

The Last Dragon speaks to me in many ways, but mainly...the belief in Self. Other themes I picked up on in The Last Dragon are facing fears, being a leader, focusing on the things you can control, and the importance of your personal journey...while trying to reach a goal.

While struggling with depression in the past and anxiety still to this day, I learned and affirmed that I shouldn't believe in myself, facing my fears were not worth it, try to control every aspect of my I want be sad or get hurt, and beating myself up if i didn't reach my goal or reach it and don't get the praise I deserved and needed as a child.

Makes total sense why I found this movie as a little boy and never let go of it. I needed this movie, because it spoke to me in many ways, but I wasn't ready for the message. In the past couple of years, but more so in the last year has this movie really reached me.

The term "I AM" has played a big part in my healing and growth, but it never resonated that the most important line in the movie is, "I AM". No coincidences in life, huh???

I've come to appreciate this movie even more now because it's been a mirror to my life and the constant reminder how I should live my believing in myself, facing my fears, control what I can, and the journey is where the growth and healing is.

As always, I leave with love.

"From the clocks chime to the cock's crow is but an instant...I must go" - Bruce Leroy



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