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I AM Inspirational

So, I was in the gym a few days ago and this older guy that looked like he was in his late 50s or early 60s came up to me and said, "You're in great're such an inspiration, really motivates me." I laughed it off...said, "thank you" and started my workout. A few minutes later...a much younger guy came up to me and said something similar and then asked me about my training routine. We talked for a couple minutes, and he thanked me for my time. I was a bit overwhelmed at that point and had to get back focused on my training, because when I'm in the gym I keep my head down and focus on the routine and muscle group of the day. I don't like anybody interrupting me or in my my body is very therapeutic for me.

After my training session and back to the real world, I had time to reflect on what happened in the gym. I found it funny that I had those interactions because I was just disappointed in my progress up to that point. I had been struggling with how I saw myself compared to the work I was putting in. God's timing can be really funny at times lol. At that point, I started to feel better and see myself differently in the mirror, which motivated me to keep going and step my training up. I learned a long time ago while training my body, not to worry about the I rarely checked my weight, but I ended up losing 10 pounds since the last time checked. I'm now 2-5 pounds from my ideal weight where I can be both muscular and lean at the same time. I went from inspiring someone else to being inspired.

That's the beauty of inspiration, it excites you...encourages you...motivates you...affirms you. Inspiration has kept me going with sharing my story whether it's on my podcast, this blog, or speaking engagements. It can be scary being vulnerable about mental health...your fears, insecurities, thoughts, etc. Often, I would struggle with comparing myself to others and their platforms vs mines and it would be difficult to keep going. I never cared or focused on attention or fame, but I have always felt my story could help inspire more people. But I would get discouraged and not be as consistent and disciplined...second guessing myself.

The past couple of blog posts have reminded me that if just 1 person is inspired by my story and decides to work on bettering their mental health, then that's what matters the most.


Derek Silver



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