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I AM An Entrepreneur

I AM An Entrepreneur...I never thought I would say that. Granted, I have had thoughts in the past of owning a business, but never thought it would be a reality. I believed I had to have money to start a business, certain connections, a certain level of intelligence, and even a certain skillset. While, I have those things I previously stated to start a business, I never thought what I had was good enough. Yes...I didn't believe or think I was good enough to start a business. I've always felt as though I come up with great ideas, but never initiated the process and if I did, I would get afraid and throw the idea away. Being on social media didn't do me favors because I would compare my ideas with other people's businesses and once again throw them away. This very moment I'm laughing at how silly that sounds, but it was real then and is very real to me now as well as others I'm sure.

Well, here I AM...I have a business. I actually took my idea and completed it! This is big for me as I have dealt with depression in the past and still have moments of anxiety...completing tasks and goals have always been a struggle for me. The past 4 years has been a journey of growth & evolution...a journey of stepping stones with the creation of this blog, the creation of my podcast, A Taste To Consider Podcast, shameless plug haha...and now my business. At the age of 39, these are all things I wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda did when I was younger. I know I know...the habit of me being hard on myself is still a struggle. I honestly haven't given myself enough credit, praise, and love for my accomplishments...and the reason for that is because I find myself at times comparing my progress to others.

With all that being said, I AM proud of myself. The day I finished my website,, I stood in my kitchen and cried. In the midst of crying, I told myself, "I AM PROUD OF YOU DEREK!" I also thanked God, my angels, and ancestors for their support, guidance, and strength. That day, I increased my confidence in myself. In the past, my confidence was nonexistent because I completed very few tasks. This moment I did what I said I would do...start a business. I can now use that stepping stone of confidence for something else. I kept my word to myself which also built trust and love within myself. It really does feel good to accomplish something, no matter how small or large...especially when you acknowledge it for yourself.



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