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I AM Confident

I could've given myself many reasons not to start this blog. I've been so use to passing up opportunities, letting go, and giving up on ideas in the past. It was second nature for me to look to fear and negativity. I would always be afraid of failure. Afraid of what others would think or say about me. Even though I would have these feelings, they never felt good in the end. I would be left with regret and moments of beating myself up and questioning God as to why I was like this. Why would I choose the path of negativity? Why was I so afraid? But I would always answer with I AM afraid and I AM Failure.

This isn't even the first time I've thought about writing a blog. Just like it became the norm for me to live with the destructive habits of depression and anxiety. I also saw the same pain I was going through in others. As I started to overcome and find my greatest I AM, I wanted to share and help others. What stop was fear of what others would say and think about me......"Derek's crazy," "He got problems," "He weak." So I would think the same things and fall back because I didn't want people to separate themselves from me. I was afraid of being laughed at or talked about. I held on to those thoughts as well as others for a few years. Going back and forth at times saying, "This is going to be the day or the week I start it," but once again fall back because I didn't want to be an outcast. Finally, I realized I wasn't being my greatest I AM, I wasn't aligned with the Great I AM.

Now I Am here...........writing, putting myself out there for the world to see. I AM confident I will inspire, encourage, and motivate someone. That someone has started with me. I AM full go. I AM ready. I AM excited. I AM all in. I AM CONFIDENT!

Thank You


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