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I AM Positive

I started a new job at the beginning of March. Part of that first week, I spent time meeting my new co-workers. It's always good to get different perspectives on your new work environment, but one thing that was consistent was that it was a NEGATIVE environment. I'm thinking to myself, "what did I get myself into?" Lol............

I had to deal with NEGATIVE talk daily from my co-workers about the job, the boss, the environment, etc. It started to get to me honestly. It reminded me of my previous job that I was on for 11 years. I started to get nervous and anxious at times. Wondering why God placed me in a similar situation. I literally noticed how majority of the people were negative and stressed out from that job.

I had to take a step back because I found that I absorbed all that energy and it had me thinking just like them. I told myself everyday before I walked into that building that I had worked in for 16 years that I had to have a POSITIVE mindset. I said two affirmations everyday before I walked in, "Everything is going in the right direction for me" and "No one will ruin this day for me."

Did it work? Yes, it did!..........Did it prevent negative situations or my co-workers from negative and stressful talk? No! But it allowed me to take control of my mindset, my thinking, my emotions, and my day!

I spent a month on that job before I received another job offer I had been waiting for. Thank GOD! Lol.......There are a lot of things that I learned in just that one month on that job. The biggest thing is that I create my reality, I create how I see things, I create how I feel by either thinking POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. We all have that choice. I could very well experience the same things next week when I start my new job, but I have the choice of it POSITIVE or NEGATIVE????

I AM Positive! No one will ruin this day for me! Everything is going in the right direction for me!


Derek M. Silver


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