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I Am Focused

It's been 5 months since I started my blog and my Focus was to help people suffering from depression and anxiety by telling my story. I had no fear being so open about what I went through. I knew what my purpose was and I was being my purpose. I knew in my heart that I would help people, that was my Focus. I had a plan.....create a website, social media page, and just write!

So I wrote....I wrote several blog posts and was getting a great response. People contacted me with questions on what I did to overcome my illness. People contacted me and thank me for sharing. People contacted me and thank me for helping them not feel alone. I was Focused....seeing that I was helping others fueled that Focus.

Over the past couple of weeks I lost that Focus. I got too concerned about how many followers I had on my social media pages or lack there of. I got concerned that I wasn't reaching enough people. I was Focused on the response I wasn't getting from people I called my friends. I lost Focus of what my purpose was.....I stopped posting on my social media pages. I didn't put too much thought into writing and had a disconnect with my creativity. I lost Focus of helping others......

Last week I was reminded that May is Mental Health Awareness month. It reminded me what my purpose was for starting my blog and sharing my story. I got back on track, I found my Focus.

One thing I was glad I didn't do was beat myself up for losing Focus. That was something I would do all the time when I was depressed and it would keep me down. I also focused on the loved ones that are supporting me. The people that have been contacting me and those I have been helping. I focused on having patience with my purpose and how it will grow.

In life you will lose focus , but never beat yourself up. You're human, its allowed. Remind yourself of the reason you're doing what you're doing. Embrace those people who are supporting and encouraging you. They have been placed in that moment to keep you going. Don't forget to tell yourself everyday....I AM Focused!


Derek M. Silver


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